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Industrial lobe pump

Borger rotary lobe pumps are ideal for applications involving slurries, or liquids with solids in suspension. The capability of these pumps to easily pass solids gently and without damage makes them an ideal canidate for water/sewage/effluent treatment applications, along with general industrial applications. Borger pumps are not only robust and designed for difficult applications, but are easy to maintain and can often be serviced in situ without removing connected pipe work.

Innovations and advantages of the Borger lobe pump design include; replacable lobe tips (negates need to replace entire lobe assembly), hardedned radial and axial wear plates which can be replaced, seperate mechanical seal lubrication which can allow for periods of dry running, and a wide range of material options. Various lobe designs are availalbe, inlcuding; bi-lobe, tri-lobe, and helical lobe forms, the selected lobe design is based on the application and liquid properties to ensure the pump will operate at peak efficiency

Borger rotary lobe pumps are ideal for waste water and water treatment applications. They are also suitable for use on both thin and viscous product transfer. Borger pumps are capable self priming where needed and can also be fitted with integral pressure relief valves to protect the pump from damage in situtations where the discharge line has become blocked to shutoff.

Pump Performance, AL Series
AL25 Series: Flow to 9m3/hr / 8bar maximum discharge pressure
AL50 Series: Flows to 18m3/hr / 8bar maximum discharge pressure
AL75 Series: Flows to 27m3/hr / 8bar maximum discharge pressure

Pump Performance, PL Series
PL100 Series: Flows to 32m3/hr / 12bar maximum discharge pressure
PL200 Series: Flows to 64m3/hr / 10bar maximum discharge pressure
PL300 Series: Flows to 90m3/hr / 6bar maximum discharge pressure

Pump Performance, CL Series
CL260 Series: Flows to 90m3/hr / 10bar maximum discharge pressure
CL390 Series: Flows to 130m3/hr / 8bar maximum discharge pressure
CL520 Series: Flows to 180m3/hr / 6bar maximum discharge pressure

Pump Performance, FL & FLA Series
FL518 Series: Flows to 200m3/hr / 10bar maximum discharge pressure
FL776 Series: Flows to 300m3/hr / 8bar maximum discharge pressure
FL1036 Series: Flows to 380m3/hr / 6bar maximum discharge pressure
FLA1540 Series: Flows to 600m3/hr / 6bar maximum discharge pressure

Borger Lobe Pump

Pump Body Materials
Cast iron
Hardened ductile cast iron
Stainless Steel

Lobe Materials
SBR: Buna
NBR: Buna-N
FPM: Viton