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All Plastic Centrifugal Pumps

Crest Pumps specialises in the manufacture of high quality, corrosion resistant, centrifugal chemical pumps from polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, and PTFE

Specialising in chemical pumps built to withstand the most corrosive liquids and arduous duties with a large range of mechanical seal chemical pumps designed with high efficiency principals, but a price often more economical than conventional plastic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps.

Crest chemical pumps have successfully worked in many industries including fume scrubber, water treatment, metal plating, chemical transfer and tanker unloading amongst many others. The range of Crest pumps includes; end-suction centrifgual, multi-stage centrifugal, and vertical column pumps for sump applications

Pump Range Summary - End Suction
PP Range: Flows to 26m3/hr - 23 Metres Head
ECC Range: Flows to 130m3/hr - 80 Metres Head
EBB Range: Flows to 240m3/hr - 35 Metres Head

Pump Range Summary - Vertical Column Pumps
VSL/VSX/CSS Range: Flows to 63m3/hr - 40 Metres Head
PPS Range: Flows to 75m3/hr - 40 Metres Head

Crest End Suction Centriufgal Pumps

Pump Materials
Other materials also available

Common Applications
Water Treatment
Chemical Processing
Tanker Unloading
General Transfer