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Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech magnetic drive gear pumps are an ideal solution for applications requiring low, precise, flow rates with a leak-free design.

These gear pumps are construced from a base material of 316 Stainless Steel, and can be fitted with Ryton or PEEK gears for maximum checmical resistance and long life performance. The magnetic drive design leads to a completely sealed pump with minimal chance of leakage or external contamination of the pumped fluid. Fluid-o-Tech also manufactures a range of plastic gear pumps for applications where metals are incompatible with the pumped fluid. The DGD series of plastic pump is available in both magnetic drive and lip seal versions depending on the clients preference

A wide range of motor options are also available for use on Fluid-o-Tech pumps, these include; IEC frame industrial motors, compact DC motors, integral motors which have no moving parts, and advanced programmable drives for metering and dosing applications. The compact size of these pumps lends to their suitability for OEM applications, or where space restrictions call for a small pump footprint

Pump performance envelope
MG 200-300 series flow: 3.79 to 189 litres/hour. Max. differential pressure: 10.0bar
MK 200-300 series flow: 3.79 to 261 litres/hour. Max. differential pressure: 13.7bar
PG series flow: 3.79 to 189 litres/hour. Max. differential pressure: 10.0bar
MGFR series flow: to 204 litres/hour. Max. differential pressure: 12.8bar
DGD series flow: 30.2 to 159 litres/hour. Max. differential pressure: 4.0bar
DGM series flow: 49.2 to 140 litres/hour. Max. differential pressure: 4.0bar

Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pump

Pump Body Materials
316 Stainless Steel
PPS (Plastic)
Vectra (Liquid Crystal Polymer)

Seal/Gear Materials
Seal-less (Magnetic Drive)
Ryton Gears
PEEK Gears