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Nikkiso - Magpon
Magnetic drive, seal-less centrifugal chemical pump

The Nikkiso Magpon range of chemical pumps are an excellent solution for the transfer of dangerous chemicals. The seal-less design allows for a greatly reduced chance of chemicals leaking outside the pump casing, which may be dangerous to both personel and harmful to the environment.

Nikkiso centrifugal pumps are constructed from chemically resistant reinforced polypropylene, with no metallic components coming into contact with the pumped fluid. These pumps are commonly used for transferring corrosive liquids such as acidic and alkaline solutions, or products where no exposoure to the outside environment is desired

Pumps range in size from the compact 14mm CP08 to the larger 40mm CP80. More data on the performance on each pumps can be found in the catalogue link located on the lower left of this page. Pumps from CP08 to CP40 are fitted with 240V/1ph/50Hz shaded pole motors, while larger models can be fitted with standard industrial IEC frame motors, this allows for hazarous duty motors to be fitted where required

Process Pumps maintains extensive stock of both complete pumps and spare parts to ensure rapid service to our clients. If you would like more information on the Nikkiso range of pumps please don't hesitate to contact the office

Performance data - Maximum flow rates / head
Model CP08: Flows to 11 litres/minute / 1.5 metres maximum head
Model CP10: Flows to 14 litres/minute / 2.4 metres maximum head
Model CP20: Flows to 24 litres/minute / 2.1 metres maximum head
Model CP30: Flows to 32 litres/minute / 3.1 metres maximum head
Model CP40: Flows to 40 litres/minute / 4.1 metres maximum head
Model CP50: Flows to 70 litres/minute / 5.0 metres maximum head
Model CP60: Flows to 90 litres/minute / 8.0 metres maximum head
Model CP70: Flows to 210 litres/minute / 10.0 metres maximum head
Model CP80: Flows to 250 litres/minute / 17.0 metres maximum head

Nikkiso CP70 Pump

Pump Materials
Casing: GF Polypropylene
Shaft: Ceramic
Impeller Bushing: Rulon
O-ring: Viton

Chemical transfer
Chemical agitation
OEM applications
Analyzer equipment
Laboratory applications
Photo developing equipment