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Heavy duty internal gear pump


For heavy duty pump applications involving viscous liquids, the Rotan range of heavy duty gear pumps are an ideal option to consider. Unlike external gear pumps which have two gears running in parallel formation, the internal gear pump has a large driving gear, with a smaller offset idler gear running within. This design inceases the displacement volume while maintaining the positive displacement properties desirable in a gear pump.

Rotan gear pumps are ideal for heavy duty applications becuase for their robust design. Pumps require minimal maintenance and are designed for long periods of operation. Pumps options inlcude jacketing to maintain liquid temperature via steam/hot water, single and double mechanical seals, magnetic drive, and flush systems.

Complementing their viscous liquid handling properties, a wide range of both internal and external materials can be sourced to handle both inert and chemically active fluids. Pump casing materials include; cast iron, cast steel, cast Stainless Steel, and other materials on request. For more detailled information Process Pumps can provide a wealth of additional pump data on request

Pump Series Information
GP Series: General purpose cast iron pump, easily close coupled to motor and often used in OEM applications. Flow rates up to 50 m3/hr.

HD series: Heavy duty pump, ideal for visous liquids and reliable operation with a simple sturdy design. Flow rates up to 170m3/hr.

PD series: Petrochemical duty pump, designed for refinery applications and made from cast steel. Meets API 676 with exceptions. Flow rates up to 170m3/hr.

CD series: Chemical duty pump, constructed from Stainless Steel and desiged for corrosive chemical applications. Flow rates up to 170m3/hr.

ED series: Environmental duty pump, mangetically driven pumps for applications where no potential leakage is required. Flow rates up to 90m3/hr

HD Rotan pump

Pump Body Materials
Cast Iron
Cast Steel
Cast Stainless Steel

Internal Materials
Stainless Steel
Cast Steel
Cast Iron
Tungsten Carbide
Hardened Steel