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Air operated diaphragm pump

Versamatic represent an alternative brand of air operated diaphragm pump. With class leading reliability and a wide range of material options avaialble these pumps are an excellent option for chemical and other liquid transfer applications

Sizes range from a compact ¼" up to 3" and pump casing materials are available in polyproplyene, kynar (PVDF), 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy-C, and aluminium. Internal elastomer options include neoprene, buna-nitrile, Teflon, TPE-XL (thermoplastic), EPDM, and santoprene (FDA). The availability of these material options ensures that the right combination can be assembled to handle a wide range of products without suffering any chemical attack

As with most air operated diaphragm pumps, these units are capable of self priming where necessary, and can dry-run indefinately without suffering any damange. These pumps work on a 1:1 ratio, which means that the discharge pressure of the pump liquid is equal to the air supply pressure supplied, one advantage to this is the ability of the pump to be dead headed (discharge line blocked while still operating the pump). When such a situation occurs, the pump will simply stall until the discharge line is reopened and will then resume normal operation, all without suffering any harm.

All Versamatic pumps feature non-lubricating air valves with anti-stalling and anti-icing technology, meanning your pump will operate reliably with minimal ongoing maintenance. Versamatic pumps are backed up with excellent after sales support and Process Pumps has many years of experience in supplying spare parts and servicing to our valued clients.

Performance data - Maximum flow rates
¼" Pumps: Flows to 15 litres/minute
3/8" Pumps: Flows to 26 litres/minute
½" Pumps: Flows to 53 litres/minute
¾" Pumps: Flows to 53 litres/minute
1" Pumps: Flows to 132 litres/minute
1½" Pumps: Flows to 275 litres/minute
2" Pumps: Flows to 658 litres/minute
3" Pumps: Flows to 984 litres/minute

Common fluid connection options
BSP & NPT threaded
ANSI 150 flanged
Tri-clover ferrules

Versamatic E2 Series Pump

Pump Body Materials
316 Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
GF Polypropylene
Kynar (PVDF)

Elastomer Options
Santoprene (FDA)
TPE-XL (thermoplastic)
EPDM (Nordel)