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Walker Filtration
Air Filtration and Treatment

Walker Filtration manufacture a wide range of products for ensuring high quality process air for your equipment and applications. Their wide range of products include compressed air filters, vacuum filters, medical grade filters, air dryers, and a wide range of ancilliary products

Process Pumps can assist you in selecting the correct equipment for your process, and can then back these products up with replacement elements and other components. Compressed air filters are capable of removing particles down to 0.001µm, while oil removal will carry over an impressive 0.003mg/m³

Walker Filtration products are also widely used in the pharmaceutical, biological, food, and other associated process industries, where clean/dry air is essential. For more information on the Walker Filtration line of products, please don't hesitate to contact the staff at Process Pumps..

Oil-X Evolution Range

Compressed Air Treatment
Filtration to 0.01µm
Oil Removal to 0.003mg/m³
Air Dryers
Biological Treatment
Food & Pharmaceutical
Oil/Water Separators
Medical Vacuum Filters