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Air operated diaphragm pump


Wilden air operated diaphragm pumps are a recognized brand throughout the pumping industry. With a staggering range of diaphragm pump options, excellent support, and a proven track record in the diaphragm pump world, there are few industries that have not used a Wilden pump at some stage

Wilden diaphragm pumps are avaiable in sizes starting from ¼" and range up to mammoth 4" units. These pumps are generally used in the transfer of chemicals, drainage applications, and food product transfer. Wilden diaphragm pumps can be dry-run indefinately without suffering any damage. As with most diaphragm pumps, self priming is also not an issue, with up to 7 metres suction lift availalbe on some models

What makes these pumps so popular is their versatility, with a wide combination of body materials and elastomers avaialble, there are few combinations that cannot be supplied to suit a wide range of chemicals. Body materials include; polypropylene, kynar (PVDF), 316 Stainless Steel, aluminium, and cast iron. The ability to handle both thin and viscous liquids, even with suspended solids is also an advantage that many clients find useful

A wide range of air systems are also now available. The standard Pro-Flo (P series) series pump utilises a lubrication free, anti-stalling air system, while the newer Pro-FloX (PX Series) features an integrated adjustment valve to maximise pump efficiency for your application. The Pro-FloV Advanced (PV Advanced series) pump features bolted configuration of the pump body (instead of clamp bands) for superior leak protection, combined with an efficient lubrication free, anti-stalling air system

Performance data - Maximum flow rates
¼" Pumps: Flows to 18.5 litres/minute
½" Pumps: Flows to 59 litres/minute
1" Pumps: Flows to 132 litres/minute
1½" Pumps: Flows to 306 litres/minute
2" Pumps: Flows to 590 litres/minute
3" Pumps: Flows to 918 litres/minute
4" Pumps: Flows to 878 litres/minute

Common fluid connection options
BSP & NPT threaded
ANSI 150 flanged
Tri-clover ferrules

Wilden P8 Series Pump

Pump Body Materials
316 Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
GF Polypropylene
Kynar (PVDF)

Elastomer Options
Saniflex (FDA)
Wilflex (thermoplastic)
EPDM (Nordel)