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Valam S.A.I.C.
Diaphragm Valves (weir and straight through style)

Diaphragm valves operate differently to traditional gate, ball, and globe valves. A diaphragm made from rubber, thermoplastic, or Teflon is pressed against the seating section of the pump body to restrict flow. Maintenance can be carried out without removing the valve body from its installed position.

Valam can supply several styles of valves, such as straight through (KB) for abrasive applications, weir style (A) for general slurry and water liquid like applications, sanitary valves for use in food and pharmaceutical use, specially manufactured valves suitable for fire services, check valves for prevention of return flow. Normally closed, normally open, and dual action actuators are also availalble for remote operation of valves.

Valve bodies can be supplied in base materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, and plastic. Metallic valve bodies can also be lined with abrasion or chemical resistant compounds such as soft and hard rubber, halar and other ETFE based solutions. These linings ensure the valve will have a long service life with minimal wear and tear. Sanitary valves are manufactured from Stainless Steel polished to a sanitary finish and fitted with FDA approved diaphragms.

Valam diaphragm valves are built to the highest standards and are 100% interchangeable with existing Saunders diaphragm valves. All Valam components and spares fit their equivelant Saunders couterpart, which can reduce your maintenance costs, and our large stock levels ensure rapid supply of complete valves and spares.

Valam Diaphragm Valve

Food & pharmaceutical

Body Materials
Cast iron
Cast steel
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