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Air operated diaphragm pump - maintenance manuals

Below you will find a wide range of installation, engineering, and maintenance manuals to suit Wilden diaphragm pumps. These can assist you in ordering any spares parts you may require, and assist with any installation and troubleshooting you may encounter. As always feel free to contact the staff at Process Pumps if you require any assistance

For manuals relating to older generation Wilden pumps, such as the the Turbo-flo ('T' series), please contact Process Pumps and we can organise copies for you.

¼"(6mm) Pumps
¼" Pro-Flo plastic pump (P0.25)
¼" Pro-Flo metal pump (P0.25)

½"(12mm) Pumps
½" Pro-Flo plastic pump (P1)
½" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloX metal pump (P1 & PX1)
½" Pro-Flo advanced plastic pump (P100)

1"(25mm) Pumps
1" Pro-Flo plastic pump (P2R)
1" Pro-Flo metal pump (P2M)
1" Pro-Flo advanced plastic pump (P200)
1" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloX metal pump (P200 & PX200)

1½"(32mm) Plastic Pumps
1½" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloX plastic pump (P4 & PX4)
1½" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloX plastic pump (P400 & PX400)
1½" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloV plastic pump (P400 & PV400)

1½"(32mm) Metal Pumps
1½" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloX metal pump (P4 & PX4)
1½" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloV metal pump (P4 & PV4)
1½" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloX metal pump (P400 & PX400)
1½" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloV metal pump (P400 & PV400)

2"(50mm) Plastic Pumps
2" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloX plastic pump (P8 & PX8)
2" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloX plastic pump (P800 & PX800)
2" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloV plastic pump (P800 & PV800)

2"(50mm) Metal Pumps
2" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloX metal pump (P8 & PX8)
2" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloV metal pump (P8 & PV8)
2" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloX metal pump (P800 & PX800)

3"(80mm) Plastic & Metal Pumps
3" Pro-Flo & Pro-FloV metal pump (P15 & PV15)
3" Pro-Flo advanced & Pro-FloV advanced metal pump (P1500 & PV1500)
3" Pro-Flo advanced plastic pump (P1500)

4"(100mm) Metal Pumps
4" Turbo-Flo metal pump (T20)
4" Pro-FloX metal pump (PX20)

Wilden Schematic

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Process Pumps is able to assist you with any diaphragm pump problems. We can identify and supply the correct spare parts to get your pump back into service

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Process Pumps has the facilities to quickly and accurately assess and repair your pump. Free quotations to repair, with no obligation are available.