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Small Emulsifier
Small Emulsifier and Post Assembly

When asked how to blend ti-tree leaves with water Process Pumps came up with an answer.

The client wished to blend/emulsify ti-tree leaves in a 200 litre container, so a small 2.2kW high speed emulsifer was designed. The wetted components of the emulsifier are constructed from 316 Stainless Steel, with PTFE shaft bushings. This ensures our emulsifier designs are also suitable for use on food, cosmetics, and other sensitive products.

The whole assembly was then mounted on to a portable post, with a special sliding assembly. This allows the operator to place the mixing drum under the emulsifier and then lower the assembly. A spring balancer was also used to give the emulsifier a 'weight-less' feel, making lifting and lowering much easier.
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